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Details for AffFaFam

Family Member Category of Family Member.At least 1 current membership per family member from this pass code list: Affiliate - Academic (AffAca), Affiliate Academic Box Locker (AffAca12inch), Affiliate Academic Dress Locker (AffAca60inch), Affiliate Academic Squash Locker (AffAca30inch), Affiliate - Fall (AffFa), Affiliate Annual Box Locker (AffAnn12inch), Affiliate Annual Dress Locker (AffAnn60inch), Affiliate Annual Squash Locker (AffAnn30inch), Affiliate Fall Box Locker (AffFa12inch), Affiliate Fall Dress Locker (AffFa60inch), Affiliate Fall Squash Locker (AffFa30inch), Affiliate - Annual (AffAnn), Affiliate Club Locker (AffClub), valid on transaction date.

$127.00 50.00%

The Affiliate Family Member is a spouse/partner or a child 6-26 years old of a Visiting Scholar and student/employee of MSM, JTS, UTS, St. Lukes Hospital, St. John The Divine, and the Julliard. Family member may join together with the affiliate. This membership includes access to the Dodge Fitness Center facilities and services, plus the use of a towel and a 60 inch tall locker, but only for the duration of your workout.

0 Month

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